UOAssist Registration Information

Before you register the trial or purchase a license you should read the License Agreement .

One thing the license agreement points out is there is no guarantee that UOAssist will function correctly or at all. This also means that if changes are made to Ultima Online that stops UOAssist from functioning in any manner there is no promise that Tugsoft will correct the problems. A free time limited trial 'key' is available (last about 2 weeks) that will allow you to try all UOAssist features out to make sure you want to purchase a license. It is highly recommend to use the free trial before purchasing a license as no refunds are issued. It is VERY important to enter your correct email address on the forms. Also if you have 2 email address enter them both incase a problem arises with one of them.

Use the button below to get a trial or order a license.

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