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Startup problems

Seed/Key/Account problems

Install/update problems

Macro problems

Other problems

Startup Problems

Problem - UO Patch runs but UOAssist reports there was a problem running UOPatch - "Unable to run UOPatch.exe (a part of UO) or UOPatch failed. Make sure it is installed and can run properly".

Likely cause - Either UO patch did fail OR you are one of the few people that has the problem with UOPatch seemingly failing when actually it succeeds.  
Solution - If you know how to use the program RegEdit you can add a DWORD value named UpFailOK here: \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Tugsoft\UOAssist.   Set the DWORD value to 1.

NOTE: Around 7 people have reported this problem dating back to 1998.  But 2 of those 7 were from the first week after WinXP SP1 was released.  They had just installed XP SP1 so something in that service pack may cause the problem as well for some.

Seed/Key/Account Problems

Problem - I put the key I received in but now it says corrupt key.

Likely cause - Some of the characters in the key have been altered.
Solution - Use copy and paste to move the key so no characters are altered.  Also if it is a registered key (not a trial) you can use the 'Locate Key' link on the website to make sure you have the correct key.

Problem - I have a key entered but when I log in it tells me key not found

Likely cause - The game account you are using isn't the game account the key was made for
Solution - If you registered the account use Locate Key to get the key.  If you haven't registered the account you can sign up for a trial or order a key.  Here is more information on multiple account support.

Problem - It says my trial has expired but it shouldn't have expired yet.
Likely cause - The date on your machine is set wrong.
Solution - Set the date on your machine correctly.
Problem - I got a new machine/hard drive and need to get my UOAssist key back
Likely cause - Desire for more speed/space:)
Solution - Get the full install of UOAssist from the Get It Now page and reinstall.  Then get your seed, full instructions on the Get It Now page.  Then use the Locate Key page to get your key back (if registered) quickly.
Problem - I have multiple game accounts and don't like switching my keys every time I switch accounts (or just need help).

Likely cause - Hmm
Solution - Info on multiple accounts  

Problem - I ordered 2 days ago and still haven't received a message.

Likely cause - The email address on the form was incorrect OR you used the old forms and the program didn't understand a field or two so it must be processed by hand.   95% of the time it is a bad email address.
Solution - If you were ordering you can check the Locate Key page to see if your key is available through it.  If it was a trial request you'll need to send an email and include your seed so the problem can be found.

Problem - I have multiple machines what do I need to do to get UOAssist to work on all of them.

Likely cause - Hmm.
Solution - Just put your key(s) on all of the machines.  The seeds will look different but the same key(s) will still work for the game account(s) for which they were made.  This is true of both trial and registered keys.

Problem - I have a new game account and want to transfer my registered key to the new account.

Likely cause - Got banned, sold account, gave account to friend ...
Solution - Sorry but keys are not transferred from one account to another UNLESS the key was purchased in the past 2 weeks.  You can sign up for a trial with the new account and then reregister if you desire.

Problem - When I try to sign up for a trial there are only options for ordering and none to get a trial

Likely cause - the trial for that game account has been used either by you or someone else that had access to the game account
Solution - Order UOAssist

Install/update problems

Problem - UOAssist is not connecting to the UpdateAce server and it says UOAssist will be disabled if it fails X more times.

Likely cause - You have a personal firewall running that is preventing UOAssist.exe from accessing the internet.  
Solution - Give UOAssist access to the internet in your firewall package OR turn off the firewall.  ZoneAlarm users - A number of users have reported that they had to uninstall ZoneAlarm and reboot before UOAssist could access the internet to get updates.  So if you are running ZoneAlarm and continue to have problems you may need to uninstall it at least temporarily or contact ZoneAlarm to get help.

Problem - UOAssist downloads the same update every time I start it up.

Likely cause - UOAssist.dll is 'locked'
Solution - Reboot.  If that doesn't clear the problem get the latest full install from the Get It Now page and reinstall.

Problem - UOAssist downloads a file but then when UO starts up UOAssist is not loaded

Likely cause - UOAssist.dll is 'locked' so the update failed
Solution - Reboot.  If that doesn't clear the problem get the full install and reinstall.

Macro problems

Problem - When I run my macro I get a lot of timeouts and it doesn't work

Likely cause - Pauses right before target or menu commands.
Solution - Never put a pause on a line before a target or menu command

Problem - I made a macro to dig ore but I don't like to remake the macro every time a shovel breaks

Likely cause - Using 'Use Item'
Solution - Before recording the macro count resources (numlock).  Record the macro and then stop.  Then right click on the Use Item line(s) and change them to Use Item Type lines.  Then when a shovel breaks UOAssist will look in your pack for another shovel.  Remember though that there are 2 different types of shovels.

Other problems

Problem - Bandage self isn't working, it says it can't find bandages but I have a bunch in my pack.

Likely cause - UOAssist doesn't 'see' the bandages
Solution - Recount resources (default is NumLock)

Problem - Drinking potions isn't working, it says none were found but I have plenty in my pack.

Likely cause - UOAssist doesn't 'see' the potion.
Solution - Recount resources (default is NumLock)

Problem - UOAssist says it can't see my recycle bag or that it is empty when it isn't.

Likely cause - The recycle bag isn't in your pack as it needs to be OR UOAssist doesn't 'see' it.
Solution - Make sure the recycle bag is in your pack and then recount resources (default is NumLock)

Problem - When I try to arm all I see is a message that I can't pick the item up or no message at all

Likely cause - The item in the arm setup is no longer in your pack or near you.
Solution - Reset the arm setting

Problem - When I count resources my trapped boxes get set off so I have to retrap them

Likely cause - carrying trapped boxes
Solution - You can tell UOAssist to not open specified containers on the advanced resource page.  Go to the resource page and then hit the advanced button in the bottom left.   Then add the containers you want UOAssist to ignore to the list.  When you do this UOAssist will not count any resources in that container or any containers it has in it.

Problem - I email [email protected] but never get a reply

Likely cause - bad return email address in your email package OR the message didn't seem to need a reply ( like a thanks for the help ... message or please add this feature message )
Solution - Correct the email and return email addresses in your email package.